Kolin Brown - President


Kolin Brown, an Indianapolis native, grew up in the era of the Back to the Future Trilogy and was instantly hooked on the iconic design of the DeLorean. He currently is employed by the Federal Aviation Administration in Power Generation and Distribution. He has built a ’52 Pontiac rat-rod, is currently restoring a ’29 Ford, and of course is crazy for his '81 DMC-12!   Outside of work and cars, he is an avid bluegrass musician and loves spending time with his lovely wife, and their 10-year-old daughter Kirsten.


Richard Vermillion - Vice President


Richard Vermillion was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.  In the 5th grade his family moved to Bloomington where he lived until moving to Lebanon to raise the numbers of DeLorean ownership for that small town.  He is an Automation NCO for the Army as of 1999 and has attained the rank of SFC.  His free time is spent fixing computers that aren't Mac's, web creation, and iOS app development.   He bought his first DeLorean in 2006 from a Dentist that lived a few miles from his childhood home.  His current car was purchased after deeming the first car too costly to fix.  His son, Little Rick, is also a future computer nerd and DeLorean enthusiast.


Jason Sharkey - Secretary (founder)

Jason Sharkey was born and raised in Brownsburg Indiana.  A natural mechanic, over the years, Jason has restored and owned several vehicles, including 1940 Packard 5-window Coupe, a 1941 Chrysler 3-window Coupe, 1940 Dodge, 1942 Plymouth and several WWII military vehicles, including a Command Car, an Ambulance, two Weapons Carriers, several Jeeps and several Cushman scooters.  Jason is also a pilot and has resorted and owned four WWII aircraft including a Stinson V-77 Gullwing Reliant, a Vultee BT-15, Stinson L-5 Observer and Stinson L-5 Ambulance.  Jason is happily married to his wife Monica, and they have a daughter Piper.  (Future car nut and pilot.)

His current driver was acquired in March of 2017.  It was bought new by BMX and Mongoose bicycle company founder Skipp Hess in Semi Valley California.  It was purchased and immediately send to  Los Angles California and was modified to be a custom show car for promotional use by Mongoose.  The customization included custom made cam shafts to increase the performance as well as a custom made header system.  The suspension was all removed and re-engineered.  In 1987, after 5 years of trade show and PR work the “Mongoose Delorean” was retired and sold to a retiring BMX/Mongoose engineer.  He periodically drove the car but mostly kept it in his car collection as an investment.  He passed away in 2005 and the car went to his son in Elkhart, Indiana.  He too was a car collector and kept the car rarely driving it.  After having it for 12 years, he decided to part with it as it was not of great interest to him and didn’t fit with the other cars in his collection.  After acquiring it, Jason Sharkey did the much needed service to the car and has been driving it ever since